Simple. Effective. Comprehensive.

Whole-person wellness is essential for lasting success. FitShrink wellness initiatives delve deeper than diet and exercise and incorporate tools and training on critical health issues like managing stress, improving sleep, and maintaining motivation. FitShrink wellness training is ideal for real people with real lives who want real success. The bottom line? Healthy employees cost you less and FitShrink wellness training will get them there.

    Ready for a simple, comprehensive, tailored solution to help your team to be healthier and happier? Let’s talk!


    Following is an overview of methods that, when combined, are proven to drive measurable change in employee wellness and ability to make sustainable, positive change: impacting both job performance and the cost of healthcare.


    Physical, mental and social health topics of your choice, fully customized to your employees’ unique needs

    Frequent, varied, multi-channel focus on wellness keeps initiatives top of mind with employees 

    Method & Frequency

    Email Campaigns Weekly or frequency of your choice: includes videos and worksheets 

    Planning Meetings with Wellness Liaison to strategize or prepare for upcoming events

    Examples of past initiatives include planning in-house step challenge, healthy cooking competition, 5k run.


    Live, Video and/or Recorded Monthly or on a per-initiative basis 

    Past topics: Resolution Rescue, Healthy Holiday Eating, Stress-Less Holidays


    Recovery Improved behavior change through hands-on application of topics

    Tailored, turnkey wellness program and regular connection with a wellness coach means less time spent by wellness liaison and HR personnel

    Why Invest in Wellness?

    • According to one study, every dollar invested in a wellness program generated $7 in health care savings (Source: Get Healthy Now, University of Louisville)

    • 57% of employees who said they were very stressed at work felt less productive and disengaged, while only 10% of low-stress employees reported feeling this way. (Source: Tower Watson) • 44% of workers say they’ve gained weight in their present job. (Source: CareerBuilder)

    • Among employers offering and measuring their wellness efforts, more than half have found a decrease in absenteeism, 63% are experiencing financial sustainability and growth in the organization, 66% reported increased productivity and 67% said employees are more satisfied (Source: Workplace Wellness Trends: 2017 Survey Results Report, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans)

    • 73% of employees say they’re interested in wellness program, and 59% of those who have access to one credit their wellness programs with improving their health (Source: More Companies and Employees are Utilizing Wellness Programs, United Healthcare) Ready for a simple, comprehensive, tailored solution to help your team to be healthier and happier? Let’s talk!